Works in the Herald 1934

Further much needed rain fell in parts of the country during the week-end.

Rain and grass, these simple things
   (Said Old George Jones) it's them what count.
About them man's existence clings,
And all the wonders progress brings.
   To what small sum would these amount,
If for one season there should pass
Such humble things as rain and grass?

I've heard great music in my day That masters wrote as men inspired; And I've heard great musicians play Whose music steals men's hearts away. Yet sweeter strains I've not desired Than that sweet rush of longed-for rain Upon some thirsting, sun-parched plain.
I've seen great sights by land and sea To stir men's awe and charm men's eyes, That folk will travel far may be To gaze upon, but seems to me, By land or sea or sunlit skies, The best of all this earth about Is young grass springing after drought.
Oh, men may dream strange dreams and vain (Said Old George Jones) but dreams will pass; And when thoughts come back home again, That blessed sounded of needed rain, That blessed sight of welcome grass, Earth's kindliest contentment brings, The gift of precious humble things.

Herald, 18 June 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003