Works in the Herald 1934

Now it is definitely known that Prince George (reputed to be the second best-dressed man in the world, and admitted to be the handsomest of the Royal princes) is coming to Australia for Victoria's Centenary, there is a fluttering in feminine dovecotes throughout the country.

Prince Charming is coming;
   The girls are agog;
The dovecotes are humming;
   With minds in a fog
Of doubts and distresses.
   The girls are aglow,
They are planning new dresses,
And waving their tresses,
While each one confesses
   She dotes on him so.

Prince Charming comes hither;
   The girls are agape;
And, all of a dither,
   They ponder the shape
Of lips and of noses --
   The girls are agleam.
And with postures and poses
Each maiden discloses
Her fancy supposes
   A long-cherished dream.

Prince Charming approaches;
   The girls are, again,
With gay fairy coaches
   And fairy tales vain,
Employing their fancy --
   For day-dreams are cheap.
So Nora and Nancy
Invoke necromancy
Lest somewhere perchance he
   Find Beauty asleep.

Prince Charming is coming;
   The girls are agreed
That, in the last summing,
   He's handsome, indeed:
But Dora and Daisy
   (With arrogant stares)
And Mabel and Maisie
Drive common men crazy
With suddenly hazy
   Superior airs.

Herald, 19 January 1934, p6

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