Works in the Herald 1934
"Long years have I listened," said Jupiter Pluvius -
Careless tho' even to suicide move he us.
   (Cumbersome rhymes, as I'm ready to grant you;
   But cut out the cackle and hark to me can't you?)
"Long years have I listened to pleas and complaining
Of droughts when it's dry and of floods when it's raining.
   All hurried and harried, while doing my best,
   I have struggled to serve you at human behest.
I've hearkened to that one and hearkened to this one,
Neurotic'ly nervous in case I should miss one.
   But, in striving to satisfy all men, my name
   Becomes mud; and I'm badgered with all sorts of blame,
Till I'm fed up with being humanity's dupe;
So I'm going my way," said Pluvius, Jupe.

"Moaning and groaning," said Jupiter Pluvius - Heedless tho' absolute ingrates now prove he us. (Again I will grant you the rhyming is rocky, But try it yourself, and you won't be so cocky) - "Moaning and groaning and yelling for rain - It has worried me so when I hear you complain That of late I am losing much adipose tissue, So - under below, there! I've got a fair issue Of pretty wet stuff, and I'm going to spill it If needed or not; but because I now will it. All over the country I'm going to chuck it. So - under below! I'm upending the bucket; And blame me no more if you're all in the soup; For I'm sick of your snivelling," said Pluvius, Jupe.

Herald, 29 October 1934, p6

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