Works in the Herald 1934

Now, Batman, Prophet Batman, a hundred years ago,
   He looked upon this land and found it good.
“’Tis the place to build a village,” bold Batman said, and so
   They straight began – or so I’ve understood –
To fling rude huts together by the swamp and by the stream,
To make beginning here and then for Batman’s daring dream.

But Batman, Prophet Batman, was quite a modest cove; His vision sought no far and fabled goals. A village he could picture here; but no vast treasure trove – A mighty city of a million souls – A miracle arising by the swamp and by the stream In the hundred years that followed on one pioneering dream.
Now I, far lesser prophet, stand here to view the scene – Tall spire, proud dome athwart a sunny sky, This far-flung city basking by many a garden green – Yet hopelessly I fail to prophesy. While earth holds threat and promise both, and high hope walks with dread, Then who may claim the vision of one hundred years ahead?
Shall yet a greater miracle arise beside the stream, When wiser plans of wiser men prevail – Some shining City of Content beyond man’s boldest bream? Or must a world’s mad frenzy end the tale, And, in a hundred years from now, another village rise To shield indomitable man ‘neath ruin-fretted skies?

Herald, 4 October 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003