Works in the Herald 1934
(A Sob Song for Conscientious Crooners)

The Bureau of Domestic Relations has advanced a suggestion that defaulting husbands should be given preference in Government employment, enabling them to keep their families and take a burden off the State.

When I led you to the altar
   Vows were made, you'll call to mind
Darling wife.  Now a defaulter
   Must I seem if I'd be kind.
For you know how well I love you,
   How I've sought work far and near;
But to keep a roof above you
   I must now desert you, dear.

Because I love you I must leave you,
   Wife o' mine I cherish so;
Yet the parting should not grieve you
   When the whole mad tale you know.
Well you know I don't deceive you.
   Since the glad day we were wed
I have loved you; I must leave you
   If I'd gain our daily bread.

You will pardon the pretending
   When I figure in the courts,
Suits for maintenance defending,
   While, with fierce, indignant snorts
The worthy Bench a bitter potion
   Serves me with vile names that irk.
Yet you alone will know devotion
   Moves me.  For they'll give me work.

Because I love you I must leave you;
   Joining the absconding band,
That, at last I may relieve you
   By the labor of my hand.
If to keep you I seem laggard,
   Then my country will be kind.
Sweetheart of a brutal blackguard,
   Kiss me.  I know you'll understand.

Herald, 10 September 1934, p6

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