Works in the Herald 1934
If you said to me a month ago,
   Who is this Kisch?
I should have answered, Please dont plague me so!
   May be you wish
With some catch-question to confound me quite.
   Well, you poor fish,
Indulge your childish mind. Come on; Ill bite.
   Who ish thish Kisch?
So Id have answered, brusquely and perchance,
   A little liverish.
But, since officials cured my ignorance,
   Ive heard of Kisch.

But theyve made a public question of the Kisch case,
   When they might have let him softly come and go;
Till the clashes and the crashes of the Kisch case
   Reverberate from Perth to Pimlico.
For its Kisch! Kisch! Kisch!
With every breakfast dish,
   He is served up sliced and seasoned as you please.
Hes a menace!  Hes a martyr!
Ah!  But was he a self-starter -
   This obscure (till lately) gent from overseas?

If you had said to me in serious vein,
   Who is this Kisch?
Id probably have asked you to explain,
   And muttered, Pish!
What should I know about him? Or about
   His sacred mish?
(Meaning his mission. For these rhymes run out)
   I dont know Kisch
Or aught concerning him; so why get hot
   And feverish?
Hes a peace-apostle purely - or hes not
   Just as you wish.

But now Im all upset about the Kisch case,
   He has swum into my orbit like a star;
And the clamor and the cackle of the Kisch case
   Has tried me till I dunno where I are.
For its Kisch! Kisch! Kisch!
His dealings are devilish
   Or angelic - take your choice.  ut cease, oh, cease
This unholy, warlike chatter1
Dove or dragon - whats it matter?
   Give us back pre-Kisch conditions. Give us peace.

Herald, 21 November 1934, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003