Works in the Herald 1934

The peculiar psychology of the German leaders and their utter failure to appreciate the mentality of other peoples has again led them into blunders, this time over the Austrian situation, so that once more they find themselves isolated from the rest of Europe.

The bad boy of Europe,
   He stands in dire disgrace,
Crying too loud his innocence
   While guilt grins from his face.
The gangster and the racketeer
   Earth's honest folk disown,
And the bad boy of Europe
   He walks his way alone.

In cynical dishonor
   The world is not yet lost,
As the dull boy of Europe
   Discovers to his cost.
Something is let to decency,
   And something of fair play,
As the shameless boy of Europe
   Learns, to his vague dismay.

Tho' nations yet be governed
   By chiefs too worldly-wise,
There runs an unclean pathway
   From which men turn their eyes.
Defined by laws unwritten,
   There yet remians The Code;
But the bad boy of Europe
   Treads the forbidden road.

Never, 'mid Christian nations,
   Shall might be counted right;
And murder stays foul murder
   Ever in just men's sight.
The wide world shall disown them
   Who own that guilt-stained crew
Whose acts belie their mouthings;
   Whose mouthings ring untrue.

Herald, 1 August 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003