Works in the Herald 1934
Now, who in the world can understand?
   Since Tyranny, Freedom's whittler,
And the strong-arm band of the Iron Hand
   Go hitting it up with Hitler,
Who can pretend to comprehend
   This curious law-and-order
When generals drop as the guns go pop,
   And the princes streak for the border.

Where is the end when friend slays friend?
   And the Factious rave and thunder,
When, trial denied, high chiefs have died,
   And various "vons" gone under;
When the President vows he will resign,
   And then, somehow or other,
Is moved to sign a note benign,
   Saying, "Well done, brave brother!"

Man scarcely needs such trivial deeds
   As Dillinger's or Capone's,
When a leader rash with a funny moustache,
   Goes bumping off his cronies --
Putting the lot right on the spot,
   While the common people shiver
Lest a word ill-said bring a crack on the head,
   Or a pellet of lead in the liver.

Quiet homes aflood in a bath of blood --
   Where else in the world could it happen,
Save in the land of that queer-named band
   Like Roehm and Jung and Papen?
Is it all a fight for Freedon's right,
   Or for Tyranny, Freedom's whittler,
When the Blackshirts shout and the gangs go out,
   Hitting it up with Hitler?

Herald, 4 July 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003