Works in the Herald 1934

Now that the Federal Elections are virtually over, the relative positions of the Elector and the Elected are getting back to normal.

Now, a cove the name of Blabb, a politician, He's a haughty sort o' high pan-jan-dee-ram; An' he holds a very dignified position As the member for the districk where I am. There is times he seems to faintly reckernise me -- Jist a flutter of his flipper when we meet; Yet, other times, his actions fair surprise me, When with a very icy eye he eyes me, Jist as if he never knoo me in the street. But who am I to seek his hand to grab? So I simply sez, "Good mornin', Mr Blabb." An' passes on. "An' I hopes you're doin' nicely, Mr Blabb."     2. ELECTIONS
Now, a cove the name of Blabb, a politician, Is a pal o' mine, an' most perlite, at that. He's a candidate again for th eposition As a member for the districk where I'm at. He will grab me hand an' pump it when I meet him, An' he pats me on the back an' calls me Joe -- Seems sort of anxious-like for me to grete him An' as a fond an' faithful friend to treat him. He's the nicest sort o' neighbour you could know, But who am I to listen to his gab? So I simply sez, "I'll think it over, Blabb," An' passes on. "I'll see wot I can do about it, Blabb."     3. POST-ELECTIONS
Now, a coot the name of Blabb, a politician, He's a Public Figger, an' a Man of note; For he recently rewon the high position As the member of the districk where I vote. An', altho' we come to be close cobbers lately, Monday last he hardly knoo me when I spoke; An' he didn't sort o' seem to want to, greatly; But he rose his hand an' nodded most sedately, He's an awful, absent-minded sort o' bloke. But who am I, whose ways is drear an' drab? So I simply sez, "Good evenin', Mr Blabb," An' passes on. "An' I hopes you ain't forgot me, Mr Blabb."

Herald, 27 September 1934, p6

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