Works in the Herald 1934

In a recent interview, the German Vice-Chancellor (Capt. von Papen) declared that a European war in the near future "would be a crime."

I am shocked beyond words!
   (Said the statesman.  'Tis crime
That the clamoring herds
   Should seek war at this time.
For a criminal war is sheer folly
   Subversive to ideals sublime.

There are wars that are nice;
   There are wars that are not.
And 'tis seeking with vice
   That the nations should plot
World war when my land is unready.
   I refuse to consider such rot.

My philosophy's clear;
   My morality, too;
Tho' my rivals may sneer
   At the things that I do.
If at present, for me, war's illegal --
   It must be illegal for you!

We are human, I trust;
   And to decency wed.
Let's have war, if we must;
   But at present I dread
What crimes may come out of the carnage,
   If blood be illegally shed.

In the past, all along
   We have cleaved to our creed:
We shall fight when we're strong
   When we're not we still plead
Our revulsion to acts homicidal
   Induced by man's envy and greed.

Keep the sword in its sheath;
   Seek sweet peace for a time,
Till, all armed to the teeth,
   Our meek voices may climb
To sue for the blessings of Heaven
   On butchery, purged of all crime.

Herald, 3 May 1934, p6

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