Works in the Herald 1934
My dear, I'm awful shorry
   'Bout gettin' home sho late.
I orra been in hoursh ago;
   But you know how I hate
To biss a crit of micket -
   (Shuse me) I mean to say,
To criss a mit of bicket -
   Cricket!  Ash right.  Hooray!

In-toshicated? Nonshense! Just need a lirrle rest. I shush been round to Johnson's place Lish'nin' to the Test. Great game! It's nervish teshion Has made me feel like thish. You know how I like cricket - I wouldn't bit a mish.
Hooray for Misher Bra'man! Anurraa fourer hit! Hoo - what? Don't be inshultin'! I'm norra leash bit lit! Not even s'ightly shrozzled. Jush had a lirrle spot Each time they hirra fourer - Mean to call tharra - lot?
My dear, don't get - hic - cited, I wouldn't hissa mit. Three sheers for good old Washaname! Anurra boun'ry hit! ... Hic! Struse me, love. Per-haps you're right, I berra gessum rest. Jush beein - Hum! You know, Jolson's place - Lish'nin' to - the Test.

Herald, 10 July 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003