Works in the Herald 1934
Here she bides, a buxom lady,
   Blest by peace and great content;
Dwelling by her byways shady,
   Where the elm trees boughs are bent;
Shutting out the world's wild clamor,
Lending to her streets a glamour,
   Gracious and beneficent.

Fortune came to her full easy, Asking little of man's toil; So she prospered in those breezy Days when wealth sprang from the soil And kind earth, munificently, As the placid seasons passed, For man's fortune proffered gently Rich and gracious gifts in plenty, Drawn from out her storehouse vast.
Portly dame, untuned to trouble, Destined through the years to be - While the ills of earth redouble - Sheltered in tranquility, Asking neither fame nor glory, And with quiet dilligence Tending earth that tells the story Of an age long gone and hoary, And the young world's turbulence.
Brown hills, broody in the diatnce, Fecund fields that won their worth Out of nature's mad insistence To remould her tortured earth - These have left their age-old traces In the glacier's graven trail, Thro' the wondrous green oasis Where the pleasant river races To the sea from this calm vale.

Herald, 17 February 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002