Works in the Herald 1933

In a recent sermon a bishop declared that more than half of the present world troubles was due to a mad scramble for useless wealth, yet no man grew happier in proportion to the growth of his possessions.

I'm travellin' light (said old George Jones),  
   For I gits no joy from a hamperin' load:
So the further I goes the less I owns,
   An' the free-er I feels on life's long road.
I have knowed a many who gathered great wealth,
   But I feels no envy, I claims no right.
All that I needs is me tucker an' health;
   So I'm travellin' light.

There is many a time as I've heard it said
   He's the happiest man whose wants are few.
I've found what I want. So, why worry me head
   With other men's wants or what other men do?  
When I was a striplin' I set great store
   By this gettin' an' havin'; but as years went
I had little of gold; but I gathered much more,
   For I gathered content.

Travellin' light (said old George Jones),
   Oh I learnt the knack of it none too soon;
A bit of a bunk for me weary bones,
   In a bit of a house, an' the priceless boon
Of a bit of content, with the day's work done,
   An' a bit of a yarn with a friend at night,
It's a long, long road to the set o' the sun;
   So I'm travellin' light.

Herald, 31 August 1933 and The Courier-Mail, 16 September 1933, p18

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