Works in the Herald 1933

Replying to criticism of certain passages in his latest book, an Australian author (Mr. Bernard Cronin) has declared that there are slums in the Australian bush as well as in the cities.

"Torkin' o' slums," said Dusty Dick,
   "An' 'ard-up country dwellers;
This 'igh-falutin' makes me sick
   Among them city fellers.
Four walls, a bunk, a box or two
   Does me. Shirt, boots an' trouse's.
I ain't extravagant like you
   With fancy duds an' 'ouses.

"Take them swell boots you're wearin' now
   Tho' I'm a fair 'ard walker,
I wouldn't pay that price, no'ow.
   Mine? Nine bob, off the 'awker.'
"But wait a bit," his friend replied,
   "Don't let this git confusin'.
I bet your boots ain't lined inside?
   Thought so. Well, son, you're losin'.

"'Cos why? Cos cheap boots might'n' pay -
   No; that ain't nothink funny
But I saves in another way
   Where you does in your money.
Good boots don't wear good socks out quick;
   Your cheap 'uns rubs an' tears em."
"Got you again I" cried Dusty Dick,
   "Wot? Socks? I never wears 'em!"

Herald, 17 August 1933 and The Courier-Mail, 2 September 1933, p20

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