Works in the Herald 1933
Here they come -- the Christmas shoppers!
Harried "Mums" and weary "Poppers" --
   Here they plod on suffering feet.
   All the family complete.
Eager urchin, wide-eyed maiden,
Each with many a pacel laden;
   Lagging, loitering; on once more,
   Into yet another store.
Way, make way for Christmas shoppers!
Bane of tortured traffic "coppers" --
   Dashing out to beat the light;
   Dashing back in sudden fright.
Popper meets a friend, and beckons.
"Won't be long, Mum.  Coupla secon's."
   Mum says, "Well, then, hurry -- thro.
   We've still got a dozen shops to do."
Hurry on, there, Christmas shoppers,
Window gazers, parcel droppers!...
   Popper comes back, looking vague;
   Says this shopping is a plague.
Mum says, "Well!  You ought to grumble."
Pop says, "Sorry," and looks humble.
   Round the corner, on once more,
   Drifting round from store to store.
Pass along, then, Christmas shoppers!
"Look!  Balloons, Mum!  Oo what whoppers!"
   Mum says, "Hurry!  Goodness me,
   I've simply got to have some tea!"
Sign that dull depression's lifting,
Christmas shoppers, see them drifting.
   See them buying.  Dread is done.
   "A Merry Christmas, everyone!"

Herald, 20 December 1933, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002