Works in the Herald 1933
I got the oil: too right.  A cove called Shane.
   Yes; ole Bill Shane.  You've 'eard of 'im, of course.
Big racin' 'ead.  There's no need to explain
   The things he don't know about a 'orse.
Good ole Bill Shane.  They say he's made a pile
   At puntin'.  Shrewd!  I wis I 'ad 'is brain.
An' does 'e know the game?  Well, I should smile.
   They can't put nothin' over ole Bill Shane.
Yes; Shane, Bill Shane ...  Aw, listen, lad.  Wake up!
   Why everybody's 'eard of ole Bill Shane.
They say he made ten thousan' on the Cup
   Last year, an' now he's got the oil again.
Wot?  Owner?  Trainer?  Nah!  Who 'eeds their guff?
   Bill's a big racin' man -- a punter.  See?
Top dog.  I alwiz sez wot's good enough
   For ole Bill Shane is good enough for me.
Yes; he gave me the oil.  I got it straight --
   Well, nearly straight.  Of course, I've never spoke
To Bill 'imself direck.  I got a mate
   Wot knows a bloke wot knows another bloke
Wot's frien's with Shane, an' so -- you un'erstand.
   Wot?  me give you the tip?  Aw, take a walk!
Yeh think I'd do a thing so under'and?
   Bill Shane would kill me if I was to talk.
Well, listen ... Now, for gosh sake, keep it dark.
   An' don't let no one know it came from Shane.
Keep it strick secret.  I would be a nark
   To let you chuck yer money down the drain ... 
Wazzat you said?  He's scratched?  'Ere!  Lemme look!
   Scratched!  Ain't that noos to knock a man clean out?
I alwiz said this puntin' game was crook ...
   Who?  Shane?  Aw, I dunno.  Some racin' tout.

"C.J. Dennis"
Herald, 31 October 1933, p25

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002