Works in the Herald 1933
I cried unto my love the other morning
   "Let us away!  Spring comes on shining wings,
With melody and mirth the bush adorning
   For bird, for bee and -- other stinging things."
"Oh, I duddo," said she.  "I feel so queer.
I'm devver right at this tibe of year."
"Come forth!" I urged.  (We went) ... "Behold!" I carolled.
   See how the bush with color is aflame!"
By Spring's swift alchemy in joy apparelled.
   Queen of my heart, art thou not glad we came?
Nay, sweet!  Does so much beauty move to grief?
"No," sniffed my love.  "Forgod my hadkerchief."
"See!" I enthused.  "How sunlight woos the wattle,
   Bending above the stream like golden foam."
"I wish," said she, "That I had brought that boddle
   Of eucalybtus thad I had at hobe."
Said I: "Dwell fairies here, do you suppose?"
She said: "The bollen's gedding up by doze."
"Mark you," I asked, "yon swallows gaily wheeling
   Over green gums athwart cerulean skies?"
She answered, "I've got such a fuddy feeli'g."
   I saw the love-light in her dewy eyes,
And breathed, "Sweet, would we barter this for cash?"
"Ah!" cried she fervently, "Ah! Ah! ARRASSH!!"

Herald, 2 October 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002-04