Works in the Herald 1933
Ashes?  What ashes?  Please don't talk; I'm busy.
   Strange how the work piles up to worry you.
Don't turn that wireless on!  It makes me dizzy --
   I never listen when there's work to do ...
What's that?  Heard I'd been listening all the week?
Who said so?  Lot of rot some people speak.
What ashes are you harping on so sadly?
   You had a fire? ... Oh, cricket?  Yes.  A game.
When I was young I played it not so bady;
   But now -- well, watching it is rather lame.
Besides, there's work to do; and life is short.
Australians give far too much time to sport.
Far too much time -- what ashes?  Oh, we've lost 'em.
   Well, fancy that.  But does it matter much?
A few old ashes?  Think how much it cost 'em  
   In energy and nervous strain and such,
While serious thngs -- what's that?  I didn't get --
Oh!  So you heard I'd lost a heavy bet?
Well -- yes; I did.  I mean I -- had forgotten.
   And listened-in?  Well -- yes; for quite a while.
Excited?  Me?  Aw, well; I did feel rotten.
   The ashes? ... Oh, good lord man!  Raise a smile!
Why that was yesterday.  So brighten up.
Ashes! ... What's doing in the Davis Cup?

Herald, 17 February 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005