Works in the Herald 1933

The statesmanlike courage of President Roosevelt in acting over the heads of Congress and accepting Britain's token payment on account of war debts has awakened a world-wide sense of relief and an immense admiration for the man.

There comes a time in world affairs
   When care and troubles press,
When every forlorn aspect wears
   A guise of dire distress
And when the darkest hour seems near
   And hope a thing forlorn --
A Roosevelt!  A Roosevelt!
   Comes like the light of morn.
There is a limit to men's schemes
   Of avarice and greed,
When some one mind to higher themes --
   Forced by his brother's need --
Conceives some altruistic plan
   Of high and noble aim --
A Roosevelt!  A Roosevelt!
   To save the nation shame.
When all seems smashing to its doom
   Earth wins the priceless dower --
The mind to pierce the deepest gloom,
   The man to fit the hour.
We know not how.  We know not why;
   But for the nations' ease --
A Roosevelt!  A Roosevelt!
   Shall sway men's destinies.

Herald, 16 June 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005