Works in the Herald 1933

Overseas newspapers, which, but a little time ago, pointed to Australia as the world's shocking example of muddled national finance, now heap her with praises on her achievement and advise older nations to go and do likewise.


Stand out there, you brats (they said) Stand out there, and bow your heads! Worst example in the chool -- You're half a dunce, and all a fool. Never get your lessons right; Bill Australia, you're a blight -- Spending money as it comes, Always wrong with your sums, Youngest scholar in the class -- How do you expect to pass? Some day, sonny, you'll repent These bright years of youth misspent. Stand out there, and bow your head; A scandal to the school (they said). 1933 Stand up there, bright boy (they said), Stand up straight, and lift your head So that all the school may see (Who'd have thought this thing could be?) Come on, sonny, don't be shy; Here's what boys may do who try. Youngest lad in all the school, Once declared a dunce, a fool. Now look at him, first to pass The rigid test, and heads the class. For all his age and all his size, Bill Austraklia wins the prize. Stand up straight, and lift your head, Sonny, you're a man (they said).

Herald, 4 October 1933, p6

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