Works in the Herald 1933

Mr J. T. Sweeney, the 72-year-old candidate who on the Bulli by-election in the Lang interest, is described as the most popular man in Bulli. All his life, he says, he has been a kind of human ladder on which people climbed to reach for plums. Now that he was after a plum for himself it was a different story.

Who was ut sthood benathe the tree?
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
An lint a hand to you an' me?
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
An' whin the pums were ripe an' black,
An' mouths was wat'rin' fur a snack,
Who let us climb upon his back?
   Whiroo!  Sweeney!

Who is ut scorned both place and pelf?
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
An' axed no plum to ate himself?
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
But whin the juice began to dhrip
An' run from manny a greedy lip,
Who niver aiven craved the pip?
   Whiroo!  Sweeney!

Who is ut was the dacint man?
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
But now, avick, he's changed his plan.
   Wisha!  Sweeney!
He's cocked an eye aloft of late;
He'll sthoop no more to help a mate;
He wants a plum himsilf to ate!
   Whisht now!  Sweeney!

Ah, will ye not bend down once more,
   Sweeney? -- Sweeney!
He will not; for that day is o'er.
   Sweeney!  Sweeney!
For three score years, an' tin, an' two,
He labored long for me an' you.
An' now the man must ate.  Whiroo!
   Bring on the plume!  For Sweeney!

Herald, 7 June 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005