Works in the Herald 1933

Most leaders of economic thought now perceive signs that the world is at last climbing slowly from the pit of depression, but to hopeful prophecies many add a warning that civilization will have to tread warily henceforth to avoid another sudden slump.

There seems to be no doubt about it;
We're climbing slowly from the pit
Of dark depression.  Soon we'll sit
   Panting upon the brink;
Soon greet again glad, laughing skies
And, hailing freedom, shall arise
And walk.  Yet first, were it not wise
   To pause a while, and think?

Last week, while at the country side,
A blundering beetle I espied
Who'd tumbled, trapped and stupified
   Into a tiny hole.
Flat on his back he struggled there
And writhed in comical despair,
Yearning to gain the upper air,
   Yet hopeless of his goal.

With mercy -- and a piece of stick --
I showed him how to do the trick;
I turned him over with a flick
   And gently drew him out.
He waved his whiskers in great glee!
He flexed his muscles joyfully,
Seeming to shout.  "Aha!  I'm free!"
   Then gravely gazed about.

"O lucky wog," thought I, "to learn
This lesson from experience stern.
Henceforth from snare-set paths he'll turn" ...
   Then, with a cocksure roll,
He lumbered on.  Do you suppose
A safe and sapient path he chose?
He promptly fell upon his nose
   Into another hole.

Herald, 21 April 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2006