Works in the Herald 1933
Brother, who on some near morrow
Makes a pledge conceived in sorrow
   Makes a New Year resolution
   Seeking plenary ablution.
Makes a vow to cease from sinning
With this New Year's beginning --
   Here's a thought to give you gladness,
   Here's relief from old year sadness.
Brother, you and I are men.
We have sinned; and yet again
   Shall we sin.  An old year's dying
   Still shall find us ever trying.
Yet here is a thought worth knowing,
While our wild oats we are sowing,
   Sowing where we may not reap --
   Here's a thought to have and keep.
Why waste effort in our sinning,
For no goodlier grace we're winning?
   Let our failings serve an end
   That shall stand us as a friend.
But when we make resolutions --
Bets of New Year institutions --
   Let us heed the later breaking
   In an effort of their making.
Thus, philosophy is giving
Some excuse for our loose living.
   For, while these resolves we make
   Now to hold, and now to break,
We are in our misbehaving
Helping greatly with the paving
   Built of potsherd, scrap and shred
   That we'll some day have to tread.

Herald, 29 December 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002-05