Works in the Herald 1933
Listen, Elaine.  Tho' I'm not mad on racing,
   I like a little flutter now and then;
But I maintain you would not be disgracing
   The family, or look like some old hen
If you just wore -- Now, just a minute, please!
   That pinkish frock -- No, wait!  Let me explain.
That pinkish frock with spots -- You wouldn't freeze!
   You've got your furs.  Aw, listen, please, Elaine!
Now, look.  We've twenty pounds.  Don't let us quarrel.
   (Surely we can be sane and quite grown-up).
If you take most of that, what of the "moral"
   That Percy Podgrass gave us for the Cup?
Of course he's sure to win.  What are vain dresses
   Compared -- My dear!  I did not call you vain!
Nor selfish either.  Gosh!  What married messes
   Start over clothes, and -- Listen, please, Elaine.
We're partners, aren't we?  Well, then, listen, darling.
   We might discuss this calmly, don't you think?
Now!  Please be sensible ... I am not snarling!
   Rubbish!  Of course, you do look nice in pink.
I always thought that spotted pink looked dandy,
   And comfy, too.  Supposing it should rain.
Nice sight you'd look in -- What's it called -- organdie ... 
   I was not wishing -- Listen, please!  Elaine!
Women just dress to spite some other tabby.
   Who said you were a cat?  One moment, pet.
Of course, I wouldn't have my wife look shabby.
   Take what you need.  We'll make a smaller bet ... 
Eight -- ten -- twelve quid!  Whew!  Not much left for betting.
   Still, just a flutter and expenses ... What?
Listen, Elaine.  What could I be forgetting?
   Hat?  Stockings?  Shoes to match? ... Here!
                    Take the lot!

"C.J. Dennis"
Herald, 31 October 1933, p25

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