Works in the Herald 1933
When dandelions star the fields
   Another alien singer, I,
Nursed upon England's flowery wealds,
Seeking no tithe of treasured yields,
   Drop sudden from a summer sky
To where the spangled clearing spills
Its gold about your timbered hills.
A mite in splendid motley clad,
   I mark the field, I know the hour
When choicest morsels may be had;
When blooms are gay, when days are glad,
   And thistledown wafts in a shower
To dance and drift and disappear,
I, who was not, am with you here.
I cling beside the thistle head,
   I dance about your cattle's feet,
I revel in the banquet spread
By many a blazing yellow bed,
   And feast until I am replete;
Then seek the house roof's topmost tile
To linger yet a little while.
No ingrate I, no niggard churl --
   Tho' what I take you well may spare --
Ere azure skies have grown to pearl,
With many a grace-note, many a skirl,
   I pay gold coin for golden fare,
And profer an abundant fee
In long sweet bursts of melody.

Herald, 27 January 1933, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005