Works in the Herald 1933

It is believed that April 6, eight days from Wednesday, is the day on which beer-selling and drinking will again become legal in the United States. Great celebrations are being planned for that day.

Eight days to beer! A sigh sweeps thro' the nation
   Sweeps like a gale from 'Frisco to New York.
("Say!  But it's tough, this long anticipation.
   Oh boy!  I'm rarin' to get at that cork!")
Six days to beer!  Was ever waiting bleaker?
   And how the dull days drag their slow length by!
("Aw, say!  Just let me at a foamin' beaker!
   But, nothin' doin'.  I'm a legal guy.")

Four days to beer!  How slowly Time is creeping,
   Turning the pages with a laggard hand.
("Say, honey, dope me so that I stay sleeping
   Until the glorious Sixth dawns o'er the land.")
Two days to beer! ("Shucks, I can't wait much longer!")
   One day to beer!  To luscious, legal beer!
("Ah, hold me, honey!  help me to be stronger....
   Now, attaboy!  The glorious Sixth is here!!..")

"Here's how! ... Say!  What's the stunt?  This stuff is phoney!
   It aint got no kick!  It palls!  It disappoints!
It's just the stuff that guys like Al Capone
   An' such tough eggs sell in speakeasy joints!
Here's me, been lookin' for a time right regal,
   Lickin' me lips an' rarin' to begin...
Sure, this is beer, all right; but now it's legal.
   It don't taste half so good... Say, pass the gin"

Herald, 30 March 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005