Works in the Herald 1933

In reply to Mrs Minoprio's trousers, recently worn in an English golf tournament, Mr Morrison, an ex-Cambridge triple-blue, at the Royal Worlington Golf Club this week turned up in a skirt.

Would you be much impressed, my dear,
   Now you've adopted shorts,
If males like me came dressed, my dear,
   In skirts, to divers sports?
With gussets, flares and pleats and things
Like that, we'd give our fancy wings
   To grace the links and courts.
You should not worry very much,
   Since male attire you choose,
If, with a chic Parisian touch
   And taste in cut and hues,
We garbed ourselves, from neck to knees,
In crepe de chine or "summer breeze"
   Of pretty pinks and blues.
Would frills and flounces seem absurd
   Upon the manly form?
I don't see why, upon my word,
   Such gads, should raise a storm
Of ridicule.   And, if they do,
Scorn coming from one garbed like you
   Is really rather warm.
Think the position out, my dear,
   And be consistent, please.
And, while you dash about, my dear,
   In pants shorn to the knees,
You're drawing from the normal male
The same loud laugh with which you'd hail
   A man in fripperies.

Herald, 29 November 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002