Works in the Herald 1933
"Oh thou of little faith" ... when Easter's sun
   On that first morn, looked on a pagan earth,
It held weak comfort for the Doubting One,
   Walking alone, and reckoning well the worth
Of sure convictions cleaving to a creed
  That since has given countless souls to grieve
Through the slow centuries, who in dire need,
   Have sought belief, yet feared them to believe.

"Oh ye of little faith" ... when sight had borne
   True witness, when sure touch had bolstered faith
In the full light of that first Easter morn,
   He knew at last that here was no dim wraith
For visionaries.  But he saw again
   All he had seen ere chill doubt froze his mind:
Hope for a world, solace for stumbling men
   And light eternal for all human kind. 

Oh we of little faith!  What need have we
   For sight or touch upon this Easter morn?
What other witnesses save the uncertainty
   That every passing Easter day has borne --
The certainty made manifest in this
   That lights the darkened world through which we grope:
The miracle transcending dreams of bliss
   Of man's inborn, imperishable hope.

Herald, 15 April 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2006