Works in the Herald 1933
Surely must you know me,
   Friendly and content;
All my actions show me
   Freely confident;
With my band of toilers,
   When the blue days smile:
Little Jacky Martin
   Come to stay a while.
Every town and village
   Knows me, every farm.
Mine no wish to pillage,
   Mine no will to harm;
Busy in the orchard,
   My pest-destroying band:
Little Jacky Martin
   Come to lend a hand.
Suddenly appearing
   In far forest land --
When you've cut a clearing,
   Lo, I am at hand,
Wheeling, soaring floating
   Where the new fields bask;
Little Jacky Martin
   Come to aid the task.
In the chilly weather
   See us in th etrees,
Huddled up together
   Like the swarming bees.
Awing again and toiling
   When the chill days end;
Little Jacky Martin
   Everybody's friend.

Herald, 10 July 1933, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005