Works in the Herald 1933

By the 1933-34 Budget the Federal Ministry expects to restore the all-round old-age pension of 17/6 a week.

Old Ben, the pensioner, who battles in the scrub
To make his meagre dole spin out for baccy, clothes, and grub,
He's looking rather glad to-day, "For why?" he will explain
"This means for me prosperity, I'm gettin' rich again!"

Says Old Ben, the pensioner, "It only goes to show,
The less you have, the less you need to make yer fortunes grow.
What joy would half-a-crown a week bring any millionaire?
But half-a-crown a week to me means shiftin' loads o' care." 

Said Old Ben, the pensioner, "Life hangs on how yeh feel.
I took the cut an' done me bit by givin' somethin' reel,
By cuttin' down me baccy bill an' many a little thing,
An' now they're comin' back again -why, man, I feel a king!"

Old Ben, the pensioner, he potters round the place
By his slab hut at Woollybutt, and joy is in his face.
'"Twould take ten thousand quid," says he, "to make some men as glad."
Says Old Ben, the pensioner, "Think over that, me lad."Help fix this text!

Herald, 19 September 1933

Also published in The Courier-Mail, 30 September 1933, p18

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