Works in the Herald 1933

Referring to hints by Mr Casey, M.H.R., which raised hopes of a Federal tax cut, Mr Lyons said he would like to be able to give relief, but --

Tho' we seem to reach the turning
And the Govrnment is yearning
   To brings us swift releif, and make a cut
In the burden of the taxes,
As fond hope within us waxes
   Sounds, like the knell of doom, the fatal "but."
Oh, that stultifying "but"!
Every avenue is shut
   That leads to that Nirvana that men must believe in still;
And a tantalising star
Gleams as ever yet afar,
   As we trudge the weary, winding road that ever goes uphill.
Who can doubt the skies are clearing?
Who can doubt good days are nearing?
   We are climbing from depression's gloomy rut.
Now from tax relief we'll borrow
Gladness, and, today, tomorrow
   At the latest, end our sorrow surely -- but --
Oh, the aggravating "but"!
When the poor tax-paying mutt
   Builds his pretty house of dreams where gold becomes a glut,
Some prosaic politician
Coldly lights the whole position
   With the cold, hard light of truth, and dreams go phut!

Herald, 8 February 1933, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005