Works in the Herald 1932

A cable announces that the Bank of England has determined that the use of lipstick by girl clerks is a breach of the regulations, which require them to deport themselves with decorum.

Up in Threadneedle Street lives an old lady, 
   Exceedingly proper, exceedingly grim; 
She never can tolerate anything shady,
   And frills and frivolity render her grim. 
To have hussies and chits 
Counting threepenny bits! 
Why, the barest suggestion would send her in fits! 
For up in Threadneedle Street, tells the historian, 
Manners and morals are, early Victorian. 

Folk in Threadneedle Street deal with decorum
   In debit and credit and paying-in slips; 
But they can't keep their balance while seeing before them 
   A lass with incarnadine, kissable lips. 
For kisses and credit 
(Though lovers have said it) 
Don't make a good mixture; depositors dread it; 
And up in Threadneedle Street such flagrant folly would 
Count as a debit. They differ in Hollywood.     

Herald, 13 April 1932 and The Advertiser, 16 April 1932, p9

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2011