Works in the Herald 1932

Prince George of England, in condemning recently the prevalence of sex novels, referred to a certain modern work type of as literary gangrene.

Saint George he was for England, 
   And he the dragon slew, 
Whose slimy trail fouled glen and dale 
   Where English flowers grew. 

He broke a lance for England 
   And so his fame increased, 
Who dared his youth to match for 
   Truth Against the loathy beast. 

When English fame was sullied, 
   When English fields were soiled.   
Saint George rode out of England 
   And Beastliness was foiled. 

Prince George he stands for England, 
   And he shall match a lance 
When, from the mire, false arts conspire 
   To cozen ignorance. 

And he shall speak for England. 
   When English minds recoil 
From foul unhealth that would the wealth 
   Of English art despoil. 

The Georges were for England; 
   And, be he Prince or Saint, 
A George shall stand for his own land 
   To free her from the Taint.

Herald, 22 March 1932 and The Advertiser, 26 March 1932, p15

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