Works in the Herald 1931

At the recent gathering of woolgrowers in Melbourne it was mentioned that in the pastoral lands high hopes were entertained that soon again shearing sheds will echo the familiar call of prosperous days — "Wool Away!"

Out where the drovers ride today 
   And the stockmen, lean and brown, 
They watch for the dawn of a brighter day, 
With their hopes on the council far away, 
   Met in the troubled town. 
And their hearts are set on the days ahead,
   And the song of the shearers gay 
Ringing again thro' the shearing shed 
   To the cry of "Wool Away!" 

"Wool Away!" It has been the cry, 
   Since the days of pioneers, 
When hearts were light and hopes ran high   
   In the rich and fruitful years. 
But hope fails not 'mid sturdy men,
   Who work and wait today 
For the gladsome cry to sound again, 
"Step lively! Wool Away!" 

Tho' thoughts will run to the care-free days 
   When the clip brought joy to all, 
And the flocks came down thro' the noon heat haze, 
Over the fields where the sleek stock graze, 
   And the "board" sent out its call; 
They spurn regret, for their minds are set   
   On the stern and bitter fray
That shall bring them back the old cry yet—-
   "What oh, there! Wool Away!" 

"Wool Away!" It shall sound again
   When the troublous days are o'er, 
And the toil of tough and chastened men 
   Wins its reward once more—-
Wins its reward thro' a faith profound,
   Be the outlook e'er so grey, 
Till thro' Australia shall re-resound 
   The old call, "Wool Away!"

Herald, 25 June 1931
and Advertiser and Register, 4 July 1931, p4

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