Works in the Herald 1931

“He exhorted them, before they retired, to drink, whether in beer, tea or water, one toast – ‘England.’” – From the last speech on election eve by Read-Admiral Gordon Campbell, V.C., D.S.O., who has defeated Mr Arthur Henderson in the British general election.

Who drinks to England?
   Here foes are at her door;
Subtler foes and keener foes
   Than ever came before.
The wrecking of her Empire
   Has been their sneering boast.
Who drinks to England?
   Gentlemen!  A toast!

Who drinks to England? Who takes the vow? By forthright word and forthright act We meet the menace now. Stand up, gentlemen, Whate’er your station be. Who drinks to England In water, wine, or tea?
Who drinks to England? Who takes up the load? For honor’s sake and country’s sake We face a weary road. For him who’d stamp upon her pride There lies and easier way. But who drinks to England, And stands with me today?
We drink to England! For we be English men. We vote for England To see her whole again. To serve and wait the cost comes great; But we shall foot the bill. For we stand for England, And English honor still!

Herald, 29 October 1931, p9

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003