Works in the Herald 1931

An Australia-wide appeal is being launched to stimulate industry and provide work. In Victoria the Benevolent Societies are appealing for 10,000 people to give 10/- each to provide 10,000 jobs.

Me father says that Santa Claus
   Will come again, me father says.
Me father says he knows, because
   He knows some men, me father days,
What told him troubled days are done,
Aní thereíll be jobs for every one.
Aní then weíll all have heaps of fun,
   Me father says

Me father says that little boys Should not get mad, me father says, Because they donít get Christmas toys When times are bad, me father says. ĎCos Santaís often hard up, too, Aní canít get any work to do; Which makes it bad for me aní you, Me father says.
Me father says when Christmas comes, It times get right, me father says. The heaps of toys, like gunís aní drums, Will be a sight, me father says. But I donít care. If Santa brings My dad a job I donít want things. Work makes all fathers rich as kings, Me father says.

Herald, 6 November 1931, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003