Works in the Herald 1931

Mr Lyons points out that eighty per cent. of the unemployed were formerly in private employ, and by establishing confidence and stimulating private enterprise these men might be given a reasonable chance of returning to reproductive trades they know. Mr Scullin's nebulous policy of "releasing credits" infers that the government might be able to find some sort of work for these men at unspecified jobs which may or may not suit their former training.

Said Bill: "On the whole, I am sick of the dole,
   And I'd like to get back to my trade.
To the skilful employ that I learned as a boy,
   Where the good, decent wages are made.
But if Scullin can borrow, in some dim tomorrow,
   Vague millions the banks haven't got,
There's a chance I may lob in a navvying job:
   Which doesn't attract me a lot.

"But if Lyons wins thro', as he's hoping to do, And sane industry takes a new turn, Then I'll stand a good show at the trade that I know - Skilled work that my nippers may learn. For I'm sick of wild dreaming and nebulous scheming, That might promise Eden years hence; And my nippers won't wait while the dreamers debate; So I'm voting for plain common sense!"

Herald, 4 December 1931, p5

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