Works in the Herald 1931

On all sides it is acknowledged that the United Australia Party has scored a triumphant victory in the Federal election.

Victory is not an end.
   When the shout, the cheers have died
May the kindly fates defend
   Victors from enfeebling pride.
While great tasks are yet to do,
   Fault and error yet to mend,
This the strong man ever knew:
   Victory is not an end.

Never has iconoclast Gloating over follies killed Won a triumph that might last, Lest his hand moved to rebuild. Never has a conqueror Won true wisdom for a friend, Lest he conned this lesson o'er: Victory is not an end.
They are great in triumph who, With the foeman in the dust, Turn to labors yet to do That they may uphold men's trust. They are wise who, striving yet, To the sterner tasks shall bend, And 'mid clamorings ne'er forget Victory is not an end.

Herald, 22 December 1931, p1

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002