Works in the Herald 1931
So ends a life, lived to the full alway,
   Thro' peace, thro' war, thro' honored peace again,
From youth unto the closing of his day
   Lived simply.  Yet a giant amid men
Today steals quietly to seek his rest
   As quietly he lived, yet none his peer.
In service of his land he gave his best
   And, in simplicity, found greatness here.

Seeking no honor but his country's thanks,
   No man among us won a place more high.
Comrade and leader where the myriad ranks
   Stand now with bended heads as John goes by.
Ever a man, a soldier and a friend
   In every heart some echo of the knell
That marks his passing throbs for this great end,
   Saying in requiem, "Pass, John, all is well."

"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 8 October 1931, p1 and The Advertiser, 12 October 1931, p7

This poem was also published in the collections:
Random Verse.

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