Works in the Herald 1931
Tomorrow shall your vote decide
Your land's humility or pride.
And for long years that mark may be
The arbiter of history.

Mayhap no day in all your life Holds graver choice 'twixt peace and strife, No action, of design or chance, Be fraught with more significance.
Not thro' unwise experiment And days in mad class-warfare spent Has any nation of the earth Won aught of true and lasting worth.
Then set your faith, not in the man Who by some mystic wizard's plan Would conjure wealth from nothingness And money from a printing press.
But glean your wisdom from the years Whose tale of human hopes and fears Bears witness no magician's art Won profit yet by field or mart.
Truth, humor and integrity These ever shall and yet shall be The touchstones in which men's sound sense Shall place the final confidence.

Herald, 18 December 1931, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002