Works in the Herald 1931
Now, children, in this Lesson Two,
   Briefly we'll make some mention
Of party, just in case that you
   Some day, with the intention
Of furthering ambitions grand,
May seek to serve your native land.

You join a Party, first of all - This move is most essential. Your Private Views you must recall, They're quite unconsequential; For if you'd be a Party Man You must cleave to the Party Plan.
Either you must be Black or White; Browns, Drabs and Greys don't matter. If you choose White, White's always right, If Black, then with the latter Rests all Wisdom in the Land. You've got to Barrack for your Brand.
But, children, there's a chance you may With Obstinate Persistence Incline to Fawn, or Cream or Grey, Then you can't Make the Distance. You'll keep your Soul; but I'm afraid You'll have to learn some Nicer Trade.

Herald, 26 March 1931, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002