Works in the Herald 1931
A masterful being, magnetic, far-seeing,
   Is Ted.
He falls to slang-whanging where we might be hanging
   The head;
For shafts do not reach him.  When critics impeach him
   He welcomes the strife should the party be rough.
He sticks it to mix it and finally fix it.
   A stoic is Ted; and his cuticle's tough.

In ways Oriental, his processes mental Work out; And, striving to follow, we finally wallow In doubt. He may be dread master of doom and disaster Or loom in the land, as its forefront and head. To lead a whole nation to final salvation - Then, again, he may not. For there no one knows Ted.
They've boasted and boomed him for years and foredoomed him To fame. When leaders were wanted, ten thousand have vaunted His name. Tho' foes may defame him, defenders proclaim him A genius rare with his face to the sun - Till some nark arises and rather surprises The boosters by asking, "Well? What has he done?"
Ah! There lies the mystr'ry. Go, seek out his hist'ry To scan. Tho' much you uncover, you'll fail to discover The man. So, all things together, 'tis hard to tell whether He stands as Australia's worthiest son. Or merely . . . . However, not being so clever, We, too, seek enlightenment: What HAS he done?

Herald, 18 February 1931, p6

This is number 3 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.
The "Ted" referred to above is Ted Theodore who was Treasurer in the Scullin Federal Government.

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