Works in the Herald 1931

With the firm stand taken by Mr Scullin against inflation and the solid support it has brought him, the insane schemes of the wild inflationists in his party have been baulked.

The numbers are up and we're done in the eye.
   Ah, me! for a scheme that is busted!
And nothing remains but to sit and to sigh
For the dreams that are done and the chances gone by.
   'Tis a sad day for us when the leaders are trusted,
For Scullin stands fast, and the land knows at last
   That our views are outworn and our theories rusted.

All that we wanted was notes, more notes! For paper is money and money is paper. It mightn't buy bread, but it might have bought votes But now we must go to the turning of coats, Or some other cunning political caper. Despite all we did, still a quid is a quid, And prices don't rise with the grocer and draper.
Oh, the dreams that we dreamed and the plans that we planned! Ah, me! That it so should be fated! For we had a glad vision, delirious grand, Of flooding with paper the whole happy land, Until (for a space) all the folk grew elated. But now it's done. Our course has been run; Hope grows in the land, and 'tis we who're deflated.

Herald, 13 January 1931, p6

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