Works in the Herald 1931

It has been suggested that, in some of its aspects, the present depression is a blessing in disguise for Australia, since it may teach us that it is only by effort and service that a country or an individual may achieve a measurable degree of comfort and security.

Today I met a man by chance;
   And he was old and passing wise;
And shrewd content and tolerance
   Shone clearly in his kind old eyes.
A strange thing: for he'd been, in truth,
A wild lad in his reckless youth. 

I looked at him in some amaze.
   "You wonder at this change," said he,
"Who knew me in the olden days 
   For irresponsibility? 
But I've to thank a kindly fate 
That schooled me ere it was too late.

"Black ruin for one year I knew; 
   One year I spent in grieving vain; 
Then battled for another two 
   A self-reliant soul to gain. 
And those dark years I thank alone 
For all I am and all I own." 

He laughed again with youthful zest. 
   "Oh, men are fortunate, forsooth, 
Who meet the struggle and the test, 
   And triumph in their sturdy youth. 
For their salvation such is planned; 
And, as with men, so with a land."

Herald, 12 May 1931
Advertiser and Register, 16 May 1931, p7

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