Works in the Herald 1931

Mr S. Whitford, the Chief Secretary of South Australia's Labor Government, has vigorously attacked Mr Lang, who will not come in at the open front door of the Loan Council, but is a mendicant at the back door.

I gives 'em lip at the big front door
   When the boys are there to cheer me.
I tunes me voice to a angry roar,
An' I tells 'em off for an hour or more.
   So the whole of the push can hear me
An' I puts it plain an' I tells 'em straight
That I 'ates their 'ouse with a bitter 'ate.

I thumps me chest and I yells aloud
   That I'll do me best to sink 'em;
An' I'll have no truck with their measly crowd,
For I'm far too honest, far too proud ....
   An' the boys all think it's dinkum.
"He's strong!" they cry.  "He's simply grand!
Jack Lang's the bloke to save the land!"

But when the demonstration's o'er,
   An' the shades of night are fallin',
Back to the 'ouse I comes once more:
Not this time to the big front door,
   But in by the back way crawlin'.
An' I tunes me voice to a doleful whine
To plead for pity for me an' mine.

An' I spins a tale of a 'opeless day
   Spent vainly labor seekin';
An' I craves a crust me pangs to stay,
An' takes their dole an' gits away
   Into the dark night sneakin' ....
But wait till mornin' comes again,
An' I'll heave a brick thro' their window pane!

Herald, 16 January 1931, p4
The Advertiser, 20 January 1931, p6

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