Works in the Herald 1931
The diggers came from Bendigo,
   From Albury the drovers,
From where the Goulburn waters flow
Came bearded teamsters travelling slow.
   And all the brown bush rovers;
And where the road goes winding still
   To drop to Melbourne valley,
They sought the shanty by the hill,
And called for beer and drank their fill,
   And sparked with Pretty Sally.

The teamsters halted by the door To give their horses water And stood about the bar room floor To ogle, while they had one more, The shanty keeper's daughter. Diggers with gold from creek to claim About her used to rally, Shearers and booted stockmen came And to the hill they gave her name, For all loved Pretty Sally.
I see her now; a sparkling lass Brim-full of fun and laughter. And where the slow teams used to pass, And swagmen paused to beg a glass, Now motor cars speed after. And when I seek the road anew That dips down to the valley, I see again that bearded crew, And, of the lovers, wonder who At last wed Pretty Sally.

Herald, 2 December 1931, p8

This was number 2 in the Country Roads series.
This poem was also published in:
Random Verse

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