Works in the Herald 1931

Ignoring the aesthetic aspect of the question, the Hogan Government proposes to withdraw from the Country Roads Board the right to prohibit hoardings along the highways.

Search as I will, I cannot find
A politician with a mind
   Disposed to the aesthetic,
Who can detect in ugliness
Grave cause for national distress,
   Or, in a vein prophetic,
Perceive a race foredoomed to die
Whose countryside offends the eye.

A sight that wakes a poet's ire, Or strikes a spark of furious fire From painter or musician, Gives to the maker of our laws No least uneasiness, because He is a politician; And, being such, nought else can see Save virtue in publicity.
For him advertisement's the breath Of life, and lack of it is death. Therefore, he loves a hoarding. He is a hoarding, plastered o'er With slogans and catch-cries galore, His excellence recording. Mere beauty by the highway's brim Is just a slab of earth to him.
Why should we wonder then to see This singular affinity? Poster and politician Shouting self-praise throughout the land, Go down the ages hand in hand In fit juxtaposition. For ever blatant where should be Peace, beauty and tranquility.

Herald, 20 March 1931, p4

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002