Works in the Herald 1931

In answer to Mr. Latham's statement that the Government had made promises it could not fulfil Mr Theodore replied, "Have not honorable members of the Opposition side made promises on the eve of election?"

"Must we submit, while they filch from us
Sacred rights to make a promise
   That we never can fulfil
   Tho' pretending that we will
When we won the herd's affections,
Tongue in cheek, at the elections?

"Never! While the politician Fights for pay and high position, Shall we yield up while we live That age old prerogative To make pledges false and hollow That the guileless crowds will swallow.
"Never! While the candidate, While the Party, sees its fate And the plans on which it dotes Hanging on the need for votes Never shall it fail to utter Pledges for its bread and butter."
* * *
Here, at last, a gauge we find For the politician's mind Here, in its worst phrase, we see Political morality, If we'd even cause to doubt it So, what shall we do about it?

Herald, 13 March 1931, p8

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