Works in the Herald 1931

Speaking at Wesley Church on Sunday, Mr. Gullett, M.H.R., said that renewed prosperity would follow Australia's present troubles. The first essential to early recovery was faith in Australia and a cessation of political squabbling.

There was never a time in this world so glad
   But it changed at last to gloom;
There was never a time in this world too bad
   For the light somewhere to loom.
There was never a day, however bright,
But found its end in the fading light;
There was never a night too dark and drear
For the dawn on the hilltop to appear.

Tick -- tock. Tick -- tock. Oh, the universe is a mighty clock, And the world is ruled by rhythm. And the bad years go, and the good years come To the swing of the gods' great pendulum; And, whether we like the game or no, We puny mortals here below Must swing the whole way with 'em.
Long have we striven since earth began, And the dawn of brotherhood, To seek from the skies some mystic plan For mankind's lasting good; But to and fro - to and fro - With the swinging rhythm we have to go; While the voice of Destiny wisely saith: "Strive on; all's well if ye hold to faith."
Tick -- tock. Tick -- tock. This universe is a mighty clock With us to the pendulum clinging; And we make complaint, or we shout with glee, Blaming or praising the times that be. But why grow gloomy? For, after all, Whether we rise or whether we fall, We have got to keep on swinging.

Herald, 6 January 1931, p6

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