Works in the Herald 1931
When Ned was a neophyte nobody heeded him.
   No man could prophesy, none could foretell
How, when the day came that the populace needed him,
   Quite a new Ned would emerge from his shell
For he blithered and blathered and talked without end
   In a manner provoking to foe and to friend.

In days of prosperity, peevish asperity Ever informed his debate in the House Some hint or suspicion of fault or omission, And Ned would arise, without thinking, and rouse. But 'tis strange what a change has come over the fellow Who, faced with stern duty, grown thoughtful and mellow.
When clowns are stampeded and strong men are needed 'Tis well that the man has arrived with the hour Who, wielding a sabre, as ever, for Labor. Sees prejudice wane as he waxes in pow'r. And 'mid froth and faction can still keep his head. While we gasp at the grit of the latter-day Ned.
There are men, it is written, who, when they are smitten By fate, may develop new firmness and calm. Tho' other men curse it, he thrives on adversity, Lately for doggedness taking the palm. And arising refreshed to the popular joy, A leader new-armed, and a broth of a boy.

Herald, 17 February 1931, p6

This is number 2 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.
The "Ned" referred to above is Ned Hogan, Labor Premier of Victoria.

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